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The Proven Formula That Reveals How To Secure A Job You Love In Just Eight Weeks, Guaranteed.


Question: Is This You?

  • You feel stuck in your job hunt... at a complete stand-still with little to no options in the pipeline.
  • You feel underpaid and under appreciated in your current job.
  • You feel like you have no room to grow in your current position.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of a big career change.
  • If you answered YES to anything above, you need to read further.

           [I urge you to read every word on this page carefully.]

  • In fact, if you answered YES to anything above, it isn’t your fault!

           [If you're looking for who to blame, blame our education system!]

  • NOBODY ever taught us how to write a resume like a professional resume writer.
  • NO ONE ever taught us how to network effectively.
  • And we were NEVER taught how to negotiate salary.
  • Taking a job just to get your foot in the door is NOT the right way to go.
  • It pegs you into a role that you don’t fit into, that isn't right for you,and the longer you stay in that job, the harder it becomes to leave it and move into a better job.

The Hard Truths Nobody Wants To Admit About Today's Job Market...

FACT # 1

80% of jobs don’t get posted online.

FACT # 2

50% of resumes get screened and don’t even make it to a real person.

If your main job hunting strategy is to apply for jobs online, you’re only reaching about 10% of the job market.

Because you’re missing a key part of the job hunting puzzle...

So how do you get those 80% of the jobs that are NOT posted online?

You need to get really serious at NETWORKING.

How do you get the most out of your networking efforts?

Most people don’t know how to network well.

They depend on their friends and family, and that’s it...

But imagine if you had a proven strategy to make new connections...

The ones that exist OUTSIDE of your comfort zone -

You'd be able to unlock and open up new doors and new possibilities in your life!

And you would have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition (other job seekers)!​

Here's The Good News:

You Can Secure A Job That Will Bring You

Joy And Fulfillment!

…in a company that wants to challenge you and focuses on helping you grow...

Where you feel you are making a difference to people’s lives and you feel appreciated for your efforts.

Where you have ample opportunities to advance your career and earn more money as you grow your skills.

That makes you wake up every morning feeling excited to see what impact you will make today.

Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Knew Exactly How To Do These Four Things:


How do you craft a resume that makes you rise above the noise?

That commands attention, peaks curiosity, and gets you interviews?


70-80% of job offers are secured through networking.

How do you identify the RIGHT people to network with? Where do you meet them?

What do you say when you approach them?


What to say instead of the the lame, cookie-cutter, text book answers your interviewer has heard thousands of times when you get asked questions like:

“Why should I hire you?”

“What’s your biggest weakness?”

“What are your biggest strengths?”


FACT # 1

Those who don’t negotiate lose out on $500,000 during their careers!

FACT # 2

85% of people who try to negotiate get more than those who don’t.

FACT # 3

25% of those who negotiate get even more than they asked for.

So let me ask you: Do you know how to negotiate the salary you deserve?

Do you go into a job interview without a STRATEGY to talk money,

Or do you cross your fingers then hope and pray that if you even get a job offer, they'll make you an attractive offer without any need for negotiation?

You Don't Need To Struggle Through Your Job Hunt, Feeling Uncertain And Risking Your Future Chances Of Success...

< Ryan Kahn Presents>


A Self Study Course For Any Job Seeker Who Is Serious About Securing A Career You Love In Today's Competitive Job Market

Module 1: The Essential Materials

1. Resume: The secrets to writing a powerful resume that focuses on your accomplishments, designed to land you interviews.

2. Cover Letter: Discover the formula for writing a compelling cover letter that will rise above the noise.

3. Portfolio: Get sound advice on how to prove to your future employer that you've got what they need with your body of work.

Module 2: Getting The Interview

1. Your Online Presence: How to brand yourself as the best candidate

2. Job Boards: How to maximize your search

3. Networking: The essential skills you need for building relationships to boost your chances of landing your dream job

4. Mentors: How to find a coach whose experience can guide you to success

5. Social Media: How to harness the power of social networks to your advantage

6. Non-Traditional Strategies: Out of the box approaches to differentiate yourself from the competition

Module 3: Closing The Deal

4. Video Interviews: How to avoid the most common mistakes people make in video interviews.

1. Interview Questions: Know how to answer tricky questions in a way that makes you stand out from everyone else.

2. Before The Interview: The steps you need to take to ensure you're fully prepared before you begin each interview.

3. Phone Interviews: How to stand out when you can't be seen by the interviewer.

5. In-Person Interviews: How to influence the hiring manager to offer you the position on the spot.

6. After The Interview: Steps to take to secure the job offer.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
"No one is offering services that truly cater to millennials like Ryan does"

“Weeks after graduating from college, I found out about Ryan Kahn’s services through social media and was immediately attracted to HIRED. No one is offering services that truly cater to helping millennials navigate the job search/work force like Ryan currently does.”

Darian Harvin
Hired at NBC Universal

What's Included With The Course?

Lifelong Access To Fifteen High Definition Videos With Employees Of Leading Global Companies

- Each video is an interview I conduct with employees of leading brands including Apple, Google, Nike, L'Oreal, Disney, Microsoft and many more.

- Some of these contacts are people I introduced to those companies. Others are long term clients and hiring managers I have worked with for many years.

- You'll be getting real-world advice from professionals who have successfully landed positions in these leading companies and know what it takes to stand out from the crowd and get hired by a top employer.

One Downloadable, Actionable Cheat Sheet With Each Video

- To help you absorb the tactics and strategies from each video lesson, I've created detailed "cheat sheets", designed to take the guesswork out of each step in securing your dream job.

- These cheat sheets will provide you with actionable steps and save you time preparing while also giving you excellent advice for every step of the way towards securing a job in a field you love.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
"With Ryan's help, I got hired."

“Ryan Kahn was instrumental in placing me in a highly desirable, competitive internship. With Ryan’s help and the backing of The Hired Group, I was presented as a qualified, capable candidate for work in the industry. With Ryan’s help, I got hired.”

Joey Paysinger
Hired at Sony

Three Limited Time Extra Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Ryan’s proven Resume and Cover Letter Templates

To ensure you stand out, you’ll be able to download Ryan Kahn’s proven Resume and Cover Letter Templates.

These templates have helped over 2,000 students and recent grads land jobs and will put you a step ahead of the competition.

Bonus #2: Ryan’s list of Pre-Written Resume Bullet Points

To help you craft the perfect resume you’ll get Ryan Kahn’s list of Pre-Written Resume Bullet Points (.pdf).

This comprehensive list covers all industries and responsibilities for students and recent grads.

Bonus #3: The $3,000 'Negotiating The Offer' Resources

On average, recent grads get paid over $3,000 more by utilizing this negotiation strategy.

The $3,000 'Negotiating The Offer' bonus includes a video lesson on how to negotiate the salary you deserve plus a cheat sheet for you to use as a reference to hone your negotiation skills step by step.

What Students Are Saying

“I highly recommend Ryan Kahn’s services for anyone that is searching for that first or next step into their dream career. I can honestly say that I would not have had the opportunity to start working on my dream career without Ryan’s Help. He made it possible for me to turn my dream into reality.”

Tylor Blaine
Hired at Slate PR
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Time and time again, I watched how Ryan made someone’s dream come true through helping them land an amazing internship or job with his career coaching. Ryan’s dedication to his work goes beyond metrics as he will invest time to learn what works best for both the candidate and employer. His effective communication, solid business sense, past experience, and trustworthiness is exactly what makes him the go to man for finding your next career move.”

Adriana Rodriguez
Employer at Facebook

You're Fully Protected With My 60 Day

"CAN'T LOSE" Guarantee!

Try my ‘How To Get Hired’ course risk free for 60 days.

If you haven’t secured a job within eight weeks of today, but you can show me that you’ve actually implemented what I show you in the course, I will buy the course back from you, at the full price you paid.

On top of that, you can keep any of the PDF files you’ve downloaded during that time.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking this course today! That’s why I call it my ’Can’t Lose’ Guarantee.

How Much Would It Be Worth To You To Quickly Get A New, Higher Paying Job, In A Field That You Love, Whenever You Need To?

How would you feel different emotionally?

How would you feel different if you had the tools you needed to find your dream job whenever you wanted it?

That let you get paid whatever you want to be paid?

What would you do with that extra money?

Would you travel more?

Would you put more money into savings for your first home?

Right Now You Have A Choice...

According to the Washington Post and the Federal Reserve Bank, the salary you earn in your forties and fifties will most likely depend on the career you secure for yourself in your twenties.

Therefore it would be extremely wise of you to take action now while there's still time to have a huge impact on shaping your entire career...

What You Can Expect By Investing Today

  • Get a job faster
  • Gain lifelong skills that will let you find a position in a field you love any time you want to make a change in your life
  • Find rewarding, meaningful work that makes an impact on people's lives
  • Earn $500,000 more in your career by knowing how to negotiate your salary effectively.
  • Experience greater joy and fulfillment in your career by knowing how to influence the outcomes you want.

What You Can Expect By Taking No Action

  • Stay stuck in a job you hate, or even worse, stay unemployed
  • Struggle through your professional life because you never learned the skills to make a positive change in your life.
  • Accept mediocre work that doesn't excite you or make an impact
  • Earn $500,000 less in your career by not knowing how to negotiate salary. 
  • Experience health issues, depression and relationship problems caused by being in a job you hate.

Give Yourself A Huge Career Advantage Today!

(Your Future Self Will Thank You For It...)

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Join Over 2,000 Students Who Have Seen First Hand

That Ryan's Methods Really Work!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Ryan possesses the ideal combination of professionalism, passion, and expertise in everything that he does. He is truly invested in making sure that each client with whom he works has the best experience possible and is extremely talented in helping candidates navigate the process of getting “hired.” Above all else, Ryan is always a pleasure to work with and brings energy and positivity to those around him.”

Andrea Diamond
Employer at Morgan Stanley

“As a student approaching graduation in a few months and having high aspirations to enter the entertainment industry, Ryan has confirmed my career strategy. He has inspired me to keep up with a “hit list” and continue to reach out to prior connections. Ryan’s advice has been extremely motivating, and any graduating student would benefit from it as well!”

Morgan Driscoll
Hired at Viacom
John Doe UI/UX Designer
Ryan Kahn
Career Coach & Star Host Of MTV's 'Hired!'

About Ryan Kahn

Nationally-recognized career coach Ryan Kahn is founder of The Hired Group and star of MTV’s “HIRED!”

Kahn has personally placed over 2,000 students and recent grads into some of the world’s most coveted internships and jobs.

He is an international speaker, author, and has been featured in over 200 media outlets sharing his career advice.

In his free time, Kahn is the founder of Rock Start, a charity that donates guitars to children in need.

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Give Yourself A Huge Career Advantage Today!

(Your Future Self Will Thank You For It...)

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ Button and complete your order today for instant access to the course, so that you can get the skills you need to change your life forever.

$197 Yours for just $118 (USD) - SAVE 40%!

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